You’re working too hard…

close up barre chord root on 5th string.001

… at least when it comes to barre chords. And really, I’m talking about one barre chord in particular. Which one, you ask? Why, one of “The Six Barre Chords“…. you know, the Magnificent Six, the Incredible Sextet, the Holy Trinity X 2 of Barre Chordness. Perhaps I’m over-dramatizing this a tad. What I am really…

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New Year… Same Old Mindset?

new years pic 2016.001

Or maybe not. I was thrilled to read the part in Jack Canfield‘s, The Success Principles (How to get from where you are to where you want to be), where he shared that he has to work on these principles every day, just like anyone else. Just because he is an authority on the subject of personal growth doesn’t mean…

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99D Quicktips 2015 Recap

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The holiday season is a time of joy & happiness and connecting with friends and family and getting in tons of extra practice time on your guitar and egg nog and shopping for… wait, what?! Who gets extra practice time during the holidays? “No one.”, you say? Well, I’ve got the prefect solution to alleviate…

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Clarity is Highly Underrated – Part 2

close up pick up.001

Where were we?… Ah, yes- establishing clarity. The clarity between the noun arpeggio & the verb arpeggiate. Not here for last week’s discussion concerning arpeggios? Then you want to go read this before we continue. Wow, that was fast. I didn’t expect you to be back so soon. You’re a quick reader. Nice. So I am going to…

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Clarity is Highly Underrated – Part 1

close-up fretboard - canva - acoustic.001

Blogs tend to be good for for clearing up the many confusions that exist out there in guitarland, such as the discombobulating topic we shall address here today… arpeggio & arpeggiate One’s a noun… and one’s a verb. And it behooves you to understand each of them. Let’s start with the noun story. Here’s what an arpeggio…

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