It’s time to build a guitar fort.

Remember how cool it was when you were a kid & you built a fort in your living room using sofa cushions & coffee tables? Or maybe you had a tree house in the backyard. The point is that it is super cool to have you own little space that is your own.

I’ve found that one of the simplest & most effective things one can do to improve their practice discipline (did I just say the “D” word?) is to create a practice environment that will make it as easy as possible to practice. If you have to get your guitar out, plug in an amplifier, find your music and set -up anything you need, that will all be a deterrent to you actually making time to play.

It is amazing how we human beings are so good at finding ways to avoid chores & tasks. First of all, practicing guitar ought not be a “chore”… it is something we love to do. But what I’m really talking about is paying attention to anything that might consciously, or unconsciously, make you choose to do something else. Just having to get your guitar out of a case will seem like a huge hassle to you sometimes (even thought it isn’t, really).

So here are some things that you can do to create your own guitar fort that will be a comfortable & functional music making environment:

• Have a good sturdy guitar stand that you can safely leave your instrument on & ready to go.

• Have a good sturdy music stand… one of the heavy black ones that can hold up to three pages across.
(those cheap flimsy wire ones don’t cut it)

• Have a good sturdy chair that is comfortable & doesn’t have arm rests on it that will impede your arm movement.
• Some kind of stand to hold your computer or tablet (sometimes the tablet will rest nicely on the music stand)
• Have any writing utensils, charts, books, picks, tuners, etc., right there within reach
guitar practice room
Keep it simple, functional & inviting. Remember, you want it to to be inviting to sit down & play whenever you feel like it (and even when you don’t!).
If you suddenly find that you have an extra ten minutes before you have to leave the house for something, you can just sit down, pick up your guitar & practice two chords… or a strum pattern… or a single scale pattern.
Any time spent on the guitar counts towards your growth as a musician.
Think about it- when you practice, you usually break things down into 5-10 minutes chunks, so wouldn’t it be beneficial to use ten minutes to focus on a single task whenever the opportunity presents itself?
Try out some of these suggestions, if you don’t do them already, and share your experience.
And don’t forget to put the cushions back on the couch before your parents get home.

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