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The 99 Decisions Guitar Program

  • 99 Individual Lessons specifically designed to build your skills efficiently and effectively
  • Etudes - numerous songs covering various styles and techniques
  • Backing Tracks to jam & play along with
  • Hours of Bonus Lessons to help you take your fundamental skills to the next level
  • The Fulfillment Factor - A series of videos to help you set goals, maintain an effective mindset, build confidence, and enjoy your practicing

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A letter from the founder...

I get excited when I find ways to help a student learn faster & play better. It’s all about breaking things down into smaller, more digestible, concepts so that they can evolve quickly as a guitar player.

I still remember what it was like when I first started over 35 years ago. There weren’t very many resources back then except for a handful of books & your local teacher. Sometimes, if you didn’t feel a connection with the material being taught to you, you experienced music as a struggle and so it wasn’t always enjoyable. Music should be as much fun to learn as it is to play!

Now, with the incredible vast amount of instructional resources on the internet, the biggest problem can be becoming overwhelmed with all the information available. There are a lot of great instructional guitar programs out there but so many of them are over-loaded with information & materials. The student ends up not really knowing how to approach it all & becomes discouraged right away.

The 99 Decisions Guitar Program is all about guiding the student through clearly defined actions. Each lesson is a decision on the student’s part to apply themselves to that concise amount of information in a way that promotes learning & retention.

I can’t wait to share this program with you!



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