Say My Name…

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Well, not my name… the name of the note you’re playing right now. Are you playing a note right now? No? Oh, you’re reading a blog on your electronic device. Okay. Well, if you were playing a note, would you know its name? And let’s clarify the difference between knowing its name immediately… and being able to figure…

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What is motivation? You tell me.


I always get inspired by watching the Olympics because I’m seeing the realization of lifetime’s of training come down to singular moments of excellence. I think about the daily focused effort that went into developing those athlete’s minds & bodies in a manner that enabled them to perform at that exceptional level. And I wonder about how many times those swimmers had…

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Harmonized Scales Will Solve Everything.

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Well, not really everything. Far be it from me to engage in music theory hyperbole. But I do think harmonized scales are a deep well of information for guitarists. You can extrapolate (yes, I’m working on my vocabulary skills- this was today’s word & I had to use it in a sentence…. mission complete) so…

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You are what you listen to.

you are what you listen to

Nobody has to go to school to learn how to listen to music. We are exposed to it from the moment of birth. Or sooner. A fetus develops hearing after about sixteen weeks (Shahidullah and Hepper, 1992)  so I guess there might be something to parents putting headphones on the mother’s belly to get a prenatal start on the…

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Post-NAMM Show (and what are all those many-colored pedals for?)

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What is the NAMM Show, anyways? It is the annual business conference for the National Association of Music Merchants, which has become the annual center of the universe for all things music gear. It embodies all aspects of the music retail business world, but suffice it to say, guitar dominates the many booths at the show.…

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