The List to End All Lists.

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As many of you know, I am a fan of vocabulary & semantics. (notice I said, “fan”, not “expert”) I enjoy finding specific words that convey the exact nature of the point I am striving to make when communicating. This weeks word is portmanteau. It describes a combination of two words. Ha! You now think…

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Understanding Modes: Start Here…

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Grasping modes is the eternal quest of many guitarists! They’re an enigma, I tell you!… a seemingly unrealizable body of knowledge that one must search for their whole lives! How will you disambiguate this elusive construct?! Ya know what? They’re just scales… just like the Major Scale, of which you might already be acquainted. And…

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It’s time to build a guitar fort.


Remember how cool it was when you were a kid & you built a fort in your living room using sofa cushions & coffee tables? Or maybe you had a tree house in the backyard. The point is that it is super cool to have you own little space that is your own. I’ve found…

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Play It Loud! (but don’t forget to also play it quietly)

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Think about it… when people speak, the volume of their voice will change as a reflection of their emotional state. (unless they’re trying to sound like a robot) So why shouldn’t you play music in the same way? Aren’t you striving to convey your emotions through your guitar playing? That’s what artists do, ya know. It’s…

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Is Your Guitar Playing Missing A Key Ingredient?

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Here’s a question… Can you picture yourself as the player you really want to be? What does that look like, exactly? I mean, really look like. Perhaps the most significant component of achieving your goals is developing the ability to visualize what you & your life will look like when you have finally reached the goal. …

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