Accentuate the… accents.

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Isn’t it funny that people always thinks it’s cool when someone has an accent? An accent different from their own, of course. For some reason, people just seem to like accents. I guess because they’re different than what they’re used to. And different usually proves to be interesting. You know what else is different when…

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Games people play (with scales)

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C’mon… don’t you play games with your scale patterns? You should, you know. It’s good for you. And by “good for you”, I mean that it develops your scale fluency in a way that helps you to learn music more quickly & more easily and enables you to create music more freely. That’s good, right? Right.…

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It’s Time for Tales of Symmetry


It’s time for Tales of Symmetry. That sounds like some kind of video game. It is not. It’s the blog post title for today. Why would I write about video games? So… Right hand picking technique is crucial to developing awesome guitar skills. And there are many strategies & approaches when it come to RHPT. (acronyms… heavy…

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How Do You Guarantee Improvement? Chunk It Down!


The 99 Decisions Guitar Program is based on the popular concept of breaking goals down into smaller & smaller objectives, with constant assessment as you progress. There is much science that proves that the brain performs better when it is focused on a singular task. You can break almost any huge goal into a singular…

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Chords! Chords! Who Wants Chords?!

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So you say you like chords? How many do you know? It might be more than you think. That is, if you know where to look. This is one of the most common chords in the world of guitar playing. It is a Major barre chord. You can play it at any fret. For now, let’s play…

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